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Luna, the Moon Goddess

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Gaze upon the moon and be enchanted by her graceful presence – magical to the soul while enlightening the senses as she illuminates the night skies with her gentle, calm and soothing demeanour. Timeless, loyal and encapsulating since the dawn of humanity. In ancient Roman mythology, ‘Luna’ was a Moon Goddess while languages with latin roots gave meaning as the moon. Symbolic to femininity and female energy, the moon has universally represented the human life-cycle and rhythm of time. Her illuminating aura is a testament of timeless renewal, where youth and natural beauty can be attained through healthy skin inspires the birth of Luna Clinic, and tagline ‘Always illuminating you’.

Always illuminating you’ presents a beacon of hope for the discerning individual who aspires for healthy and glowing skin. The skin’s ability to glow radiantly and naturally is precisely where we believe the elixir of youth resides, bringing to life our craft and passion for ‘skin health’ fuels our desire to help women and men attain happy and confident skin through science and art. Cultivating smart solutions in our services by maximising the advances of modern-day medicine, coupled with premium technologies in the world of medical aesthetics to deliver the change you desire, because you deserve the best.

We are a boutique aesthetic clinic and healthcare centre situated in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. Licensed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) with LCP certified physicians under our arsenal. Luna Clinic offers comprehensive treatments in Healthy Aging, Medical Aesthetics, Regenerative Medicine, Skin Diseases, General Wellness, and Women’s Rejuvenation. 

By empowering one to be confident in their own skin. Our mission is simple, which is “to help everyone attain happy skin”. Combining the expertise of our certified practitioners with the latest FDA approved products and technologies, we offer a safe, holistic, and unrivalled approach to beauty, health and wellness. 

That’s who we are, passionate in all things ‘skin’ while caring for yours. Journey to happy skin and let us be your guiding light, in ‘always illuminating you’.

Our Promise & Values

Giving you the confidence you deserve by working towards your skin, health and beauty goals.











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