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Usher into a new era of surgery-free bodylift with the all-new LUNA AB-SOLUTE, brought to you exclusively by Luna Clinic. Discover a unique and one-of-a-kind solution to help you achieve your dream body, backed by science, proven medical innovation and revolutionary technologies.

Whether you are in it for a slim, fit and athletic physique, or simply desire curves the way you like it – the all-new AB-SOLUTE is made to turn dreams into a reality.

Revolutionary & Powerful Technologies

Get more than just body slimming with a unique combination of High-Intensity Focused Electro- Magnetic (HIFEM) and Ultrasound (HIFU) technologies that simultaneously burns fat while building muscles, tightens and firms the overlying skin, safely shapes and comfortably tones your way to attaining the body of your desires.


Revolutionising the world of slimming and weight management - EMSCULPT is a step towards the future of non-invasive body shaping. FDA approved and designed to help women and men eliminate fat cells, while toning the underlying muscle, safely and efficiently.

  • World's 1st and only procedure capable of melting unwanted fat and building muscles simultaneously.
  • Patented High-Intensity Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) Technology.
  • HIFEM energy induces intense muscle contractions, equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups within a 30-minute session.

UltracelQ+ HIFU

Linear Firm by UltracelQ+ HIFU is one of the most holistic approaches to lift, contour and firm parts of the face or body. Using ultrasound energy, HIFU is capable of targeting multiple layers beneath the skin to stimulate collagen, remove excess fat, and contract the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) layer, which is deep beneath the skin’s surface and inpenetrable by any other technologies.

  • A permanent fat reduction treatment.
  • Boost collagen growth for tighter and firmer skin.
  • Specialised handpieces to accurately target resistant fat pockets of various size depth.

Slimming Made Easier, Safer and Faster

  • 100% surgery-free procedure
  • FDA & MDA safety approval
  • Revolutionary body beauty solution
  • Premium medical technologies
  • Comfortable treatment experience
  • 19% average fat reduction*
  • 16% average increase in muscle mass*
  • 4.37cm average reduction in waist circumference*
  • Pain-free & no downtime

*Tested for safety & efficacy across seven (7) US-based clinical studies. Results are measured from a minimum of 4-sessions and may vary depending on individual.

Absolute Peace of Mind

  • A HIIT workout, without physically exerting yourself.
  • Burn fats and build muscles comfortably.
  • Remodels inner muscle structures.
  • Feel the power of AB-SOLUTE in one session.
  • Uncompromised safety. .
  • Long-lasting results.

Before & After

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